Llegaron Los Guanacxs Exhibition

Llegaron Los Guanacxs Exhibition

Saturday, September 24th was the opening reception for Llegaron Los Guanacxs which is a pop-up art exhibition being hosted in Salvadoran restaurant, El Rincon in Sparks, NV. The exhibition will show through the end of October, 2022. 

This exhibition consists of four Salvadoran-American artists, including myself as we aim to share our artwork in an accessible space to not only connect with the Salvadoran community but the community that frequents the restaurant. At times it appears that spaces such as museums and galleries aren't very inclusive and diverse, this was our way of brining art to the people in an accessible space that is a safe community space for so many. 

This was also my first time co-curating an exhibition, which was a great learning experience. I had the opportunity to co-curate with Savior Studios who consists of Annaiz Ramirez and Sal Barajas. They assisted with this exhibition all the way from NYC. Just as the artists in this show, they were an integral part of this exhibition coming to fruition. 

Artists Leslie Chiguichon @leslee.art, Jon Gomez @jkthevisual, Jahi Mazariego @salvi.chula and myself are exhibiting beautiful works that connect to our stories as Salvadoran-Americans. 

The reception had an amazing turnout, if you weren't able to make it you still have time to check out the show thru the end of October.

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