The core in the release of self-expression whether we’re conscious of it or not is vulnerability, and through creation we can discover our true and essential invulnerability.


By letting go of resistance and fear in life and in creation we open ourselves up to explore new experiences which help us break out of our comfort zones, transcending us further into our self-growth, and connecting us to our most authentic selves. This also forges a link between the observer and my creative vision by encouraging the observer to use their imagination in generating their own visceral interpretation of what they see.


Through my artistic self-expression I’m able to navigate through my emotions which is a very therapeutic and healing process, and am able to transmute them into something greater; imagination and invention. 


In my creative process I aim to shed facades and instead connect and share my authentic self. This is why when creating I let go of the expectations of perfection and instead focus on the release, creating without boundaries. For the imperfections are what make the expression raw, real, and vulnerable.


Connecting with my most authentic self builds a bridge to my spirit which creates a channel not only to Creator but to my ancestry and heritage. I am healing  through creating but alsohealing traumas tied to my ancestors.


In all, the authenticity of my art begins with confronting my vulnerability and letting my imagination and inspiration break free from any barriers and creating an experience not only for myself but for the observer. In hopes that I can inspire the observer to use their imagination and connect to their creativity, vulnerability, and ancestry.


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