Symbols have been used since ancient times and are still used today to convey messages through a visual language. I started delving into the use of symbols and symbolism when creating my first symbol, but at the time I hadn’t quite realized what I would discover by experimenting with this notion and how it would aid and translate into the evolution of my work.


In the ongoing process of my growth as an artist I felt the need to express something more when signing my artwork. For that reason, I decided to experiment by combining certain letters of the alphabet to create a symbol. I also wanted to create a way to use the symbol within the images I create as part of the image itself while still having an underlying message that would be recognizable to me but could be interpreted by the observers viewing experience.


The symbol I created is very important and personal to me. It pays tribute to my late father but also transcends to my ancestors in an ongoing remembrance of their lives. I dedicate every piece of creative expression to them, to keep their memory alive by signing my work with the symbol I created using my father’s initials MAB (Mario Antonio Barrientos).

When signing my work I make a point to incorporate this symbol not only as a signature but by merging it into the art itself.


I’ve been enjoying the use of symbolism in my work for it’s something I’ve recently started to explore within the last year or so (2018) and I feel that there are no limits on what I can create and convey through the use of symbols and creating my own visual language.



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