This piece is inspired by the Silence = Death poster created by artist Avram Finkelstein and the Silence=Death Collective. A piece that was a mobilizing cry for an urgent response to the AIDS epidemic.  

This artwork has drawn many to political activism, a transformative piece that has collectively united the masses as individuals and as a culture. This is an example of what happens when we collectively come together. 

Inspired by the Silence=Death Collective. I created my own take on the phrase, Silencio ≠ Muerte (Silence ≠ Death) and what it means to me as a person of color in the United States witnessing the incessant violence on BIPOC lives. I believe that we as a society cannot continue to turn away and stay silent on the continuous cycle of violence from the imperialism that is the United States of America. The drawing is a character of a Deity pyramid/tower amplifying the false illusion of equality that is fed to us by our current administration and media outlets. The use of the not equal sign reinforces the sentiment. Invoking us to question everything. 

We must stand in opposition to the inequalities that have been created by systemic oppression and collectively come together to ignite, unite, disrupt, and create revolution.

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