I explored collaging in 2021 with a piece titled ‘Salida’ where I collaged portions of journal entries and drawings onto a canvas. I recently had the opportunity to delve into this technique again and this time I was challenged to use pages from various magazines. This is a new medium that I’m interested in exploring more within my practice.

In my process I applied one of the essential facets of my art practice, which I call ‘El Arte De Presencia’.

El Arte De Presencia is where I practice the release of all preconceptions pertaining to perfectionism, this gives me the leeway to openly explore my creativity and self-expression.

Expectations are often projected in the mind of what our creations should look like and we often focus too much on the outcome instead of the release.

I enjoy letting go in the creative process and not confining myself by too many rules but rather pursue a state of mindfulness and spontaneity when diving into my art practice.

The spontaneity in my creative process is where I feel the most liberated and fearless. I’m able to let go of perfectionism, for the imperfections make self-expression raw, real, and vulnerable. Through creating without fear and judgment we are able to let go of the limitations we set upon ourselves and the process becomes limitless where anything and everything imaginable is possible.

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