Collage can be a useful tool for exploring and expressing unconscious thoughts, feelings, and emotions. I've only started dabbling in the medium of collage since late last year, it's been one way to draw inspiration and tap into my subconscious and creative intuition in selecting materials that have resonated with me on a deep level. Within this process, I select images and materials that resonate with me on an intuitive level; A visual representation of my inner world. This has been a valuable means to explore my self-expression and self-discovery as the process of exploring the subconscious can be complex. 

This particular piece is a continuity of my thoughts on the different realms that exist that we cannot see.

One of the most important concepts in Mayan afterlife belief was the idea of ancestor worship. Mayans believe that the afterlife was a complex and multi-layered realm that included several different levels of worlds, each with its own challenges and rewards. Ancestor worship was an important part of Mayan religious practice and was often linked to the construction of elaborate tombs and burial sites. They believed that their ancestors continued to exist in the afterlife and that they could intercede on behalf of their living descendants. 

Through this work, I am touching on the Mayan belief of ancestor worship and practicing ancestor worship through my art practice. I am sifting through static noise, radio waves, and frequencies to connect to my ancestors who reside in the complex and multi-layered realms that exist. Creatively exploring and reflecting on my attempts to connect to these worlds while in my current reality, the one both you and I can see. 

I look forward to continuing my exploration in collage to further understand and dissect my unconscious thoughts, feelings, and emotions that relate to my Mayan roots. 

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