Experimentation within new mediums is one of the elements I try to incorporate in my creative process as it only further develops my art practice. Spray paint is a medium where I experience spontaneity. The flow of marker to paper easily translates from a spray can to a wall, or any surface I choose to spray paint on.

Spray paint is one of my favorite mediums to work with, and naturally makes me think of Graffiti. As a teenager, the art of graffiti was one of my biggest inspirations. I remember researching lettering and finding whatever photos I could on writers and their work.

When I think of graffiti it’s more than just writing a name and declaring ‘I was here’, it can be a form of political and social commentary. Graffiti has an expansive history and has existed for thousands of years. Ancient cave paintings and pictographs found in sacred locations all over the world are sightings of what we now consider the origins of graffiti.

It’s interesting to ponder how the evolution of human commentary through drawings and writings has varied in expression and significance through our existence.


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