Creation allows us to connect with our real selves, a release of true self-expression and authenticity. Expectations are often projected in the mind of what creation through art should look like and we often focus too much on the outcome instead of the release. The aim in my artwork is to let myself go in creation and not be confined by rules but instead create in a state of calmness, creating in the now.



Creating mindfully allows you to express your emotions through your eternal spirit connected to consciousness. Trusting in your eternal spirit allows you to release fearlessly, for Art was not intended to be perfect. Imperfections are what makes self-expression raw, real, and vulnerable. Through creating without fear and judgement, we are able to release true self-energies.


Creation through spontaneity for me is when I feel the most free and liberated, it's when I feel the most fearless.


The art of presence is art for the people, to be present and engaged with the public. Art is meant to be communicated to all, it's not just for the elitist art world to collect and appreciate. I hope the public feels liberated and fearless upon looking at my work, as that is how I feel when I create it.


These are just some of my thoughts. I'll refine them some more but it doesn't hurt to share them in the meantime.


My hopes are that this may inspire or make you think about your own creative process and what you want to convey and how you may want to use your creative voice.


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